What is the Carmel Court?

City and town courts handle minor offenses such as violations of city ordinances, misdemeanors, and infractions. These courts commonly handle traffic matters. Since city and town courts are not courts of records appeals go to the county courts and are decided as if they have never been to court before.

As Carmel continues to grow so does the number of cases handled by the Carmel City Court -- the court handles approximately 10,000 to 15,000 cases each year.  Since most people simply pay their traffic tickets -- only a small percentage of people actually visit the Carmel City Court.

Why would Kurt be a good candidate?

As the former Director and Counsel of Trial Court Technology, Kurt can bring a wealth of technology and automation experience to Carmel.  Just like the BMV was improved with technology, process improvements, and better customer service, Kurt believes he can improve the Carmel City Court.  Through Kurt’s work for the Indiana Supreme Court he has already had a positive influence on courts throughout the state.

Kurt experiences will also lend well to providing judicial outreach in the community. He will visit the elementaries, middle schools, and high schools on a regular basis to promote public safety and the law.

What will Kurt do if elected?

  • Kurt will leverage technology to improve customer service.
  • Kurt will promote public safety and the law throughout the community.
  • Kurt will make the work of the court more transparent.